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Mill's row

Chech premium pale lager

Under the slightly off-white head, the traditional German and Czech flavours appear, due to the traditional way of brewing. The foundation for these flavour lies in the deep, complex maltiness – however, the scale weighs towards the bitterness and aroma of the strong hops inside.

Redneck Hopster

Amber Pale Ale

Highly drinkable, suitable for every kind of beer-time. To say that the Redneck Hopster is handcrafted is surely not an overstatement. It will be a homebrewed beer of modern style, with a twist of dry hopping to perfect the beverage.


Vienna lager

Waltz through the streets of Wien with this light, sizzling and easy-to-drink Vienna Lager. Perfect to accompany the wienerschnietzel or Sacher cake of your choice. Make Mozart, Freud and all the great minds of the City of Dreams and sit down with a mug of Europe’s finest.

Rusty Rex

Amber amber Ale

English style pale ale with American hops? Raaawr! Following “the less is more” philosophy, it has a non-intrusive, light bitterness, keeping its flavors in bay, without overflowing them. The reddish, rusty color mirrors its biscuit-like taste.

Tales from the cellar

American stout

Might be spooky at first glance with its murky presence but in the end, all of you will be satisfied with the aroma of this unique treat. Don’t be afraid of the dark!

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